Absolutely no need to be sad – at least from what we have seen, experienced and mastered To sum it up a different way, than just putting together some numbers we tried to find some more “interesting” milestones – *!?#…that still sounds much like “Berater” slang, but we have another 3 months to get rid of that

Most unusual bathroom(s)

“Lightly” separated bathroom/toilet in Sucre

“Outdoor” feeling on Bora Bora

Most unusual “beach”

Some gravel at the Bolivian-Chilean-border area at more than 4000m and less than -20 C outside temperature on the way into the pool

Most breathtaking experience(s) – literally speaking

Cotopaxi – border to the glacier until approx. 5000m by foot (at least the last few hundred meter altitude)

Geysers south of Salar de Uyuni at bit more than 5000m by 4WD car

Hardest challenge for our backside

More than 20 hours on a bus while travelling from San Pedro de Atacama to Santiage de Chile

Some serious hours of mountain biking around Cotopaxi and on Easter Island on really rough roads

Most unusual way of transport

Going on the back of a truck full of locals and their freshly bought supplies from the Saturday market in Zumbahua to the Quilotoa crater
Unfortunately no picture, because we were seriously busy with grabbing a hold somewhere

Most nasty bugs encountered

Sand flies in the Pampas and the jungle in the Madidi National Park
I looked through hundreds of pictures with animals, but I think we missed to take on of a sand fly…well, nothing really missed

Mosquitoes biting faster than you can see and harder than you can imagine in French Polynesia – it seemed they were laughing about (nearly) all insect repellents

We hope, that “rounds up” the impression of all that nice pictures you have already seen on the blog – be ensured, all that and many more experiences have been worth every effort

See you soon!

Thorsten and Iris

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