th23 Upload - resize and watermarkth23 Upload - resize and watermark

th23 Upload – Change Log


  • [enhancement, Pro] manage watermark images via plugin settings page
  • [enhancement, Basic/Pro] improved plugin settings page, add screen options and help, add units to settings fields
  • [fix, Basic/Pro] prevent installation of older Professional extension on newer Basic plugin
  • [fix, Basic/Pro] prevent requirement messages from showing multiple times
  • [fix, Basic/Pro] various small bug fixes
  • [fix, Pro] check for non-empty nonce upon AJAX requests


  • [Fix – Basic/Pro] reminder about update/re-installation of Professional extension after plugin update


  • [Fix – Basic/Pro] ensure all options are always captured upon setting updates, including disabled ones


  • [Enhancement – Basic/Pro] allow upload of Professional extension through the admin panel
  • [Enhancement – Basic/Pro] allow for hidden input fields in settings area
  • [Fix – Basic/Pro] avoid empty default values upon fresh install / upgrade to Professional
  • [Fix – Basic/Pro] small visual / CSS fixes


  • [Enhancement – Basic/Pro] enabled Professional extension


  • first public release

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