“Preisschock” or our arrival in paradise = French Polynesia

Coming from 3 months South America it was clear, that prices are a bit higher in French Polynesia, but checking for some hostels/hotels on the islands revealed, that it’s much worse…the offer of a bed in a 7-bed-dorm for 21 EUR *smiley exclamation mark* per person was the cheapest option we found Other available options started around 130 EUR *smiley exclamation mark* per night/room *smiley annoyed* Luckily some last minute cancellation secured us a room in the Fare Suisse in Papeete for 50 EUR for both of us including airport transfers

Our late-night landing in paradise (Faaa International Airport Papeete / Tahiti) was therefore a little bit more relaxed that thought before – our Swiss host Beni picked us up as promised and brought us to his really nice hostel in Papeete.

Overall Papeete – the capital of French Polynesia – has some 25.000 inhabitants, round about the size of the famous Friedrichsdorf (Thorsten’s hometown). But in French Polynesia thats big enough to offer all facilities we needed to get started: Air Tahiti office for our air passes and a big supermarket to stock up supplies for our meals (eating out is not really an option, because the most simple pizza margarita costs between 12 and 17 EUR *shocked*).

After only a few hours on Tahiti we were already boarding our plane to Moorea – only 10 flight minutes from Tahiti. We had a very nice view on the island and it’s lagoon – in natural it’s much more turquoise as on the picture.

We stayed at a camping / hostel place directly at the beach with a coral reef only 4 meters inside the water Of course, I spend a lot of time with my head under water admiring all the colorful and funny shaped fish, while Thorsten was sitting / paddling in his HUGE bathtub with a constant smile on his face.

Sorry, there are no underwater pictures – Kirsten, you need to come soon with your underwater camera! Unfortunately, there are not only good things in paradise…

Btw, our business phones were not able to do roaming in whole French Polynesia, although there are (well hidden) antennas on various places. So if anyone needs a real vacation (from office) – go to French Polynesia!!

Another nice story, we had a lot of coconut palms on the campground and as one day was rather windy, some came down… YES, a coconut for Iris. The only thing (as usual): how to open. The Swiss Army knife was a bit too small to be honest, so I had to look for someone with a proper knife… I found a German “Zivi” (probably 19 years old) and was flirting a bit to get the knife He even helped me with opening. Thorsten had a lot of fun watching! But: I made it!

And much too soon, it’s already time to say good bye to Moorea – and welcome picture perfect
Bora Bora

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