Silfra, IcelandSilfra, Iceland

Silfra – Diving between the continental plates

Already since millions of years, the continental plates of Europe and America are drifting apart, leaving behind a crack in the crust of the earth. This crack is mainly invisible as it goes through the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

As Iceland is looming out of the Atlantic Ocean and also can’t resist the forces below, the crack here becomes well visible. At Thingvellir national park you can see how the island slowly, very slowly, but unstoppable gets parted in two with a multitude of cracks in the earth.

Parts of these are filled by a stream of glacial water from the surrounding mountains, making a great diving terrain: Nearly unlimited visibility under the surface, fresh and stone-filtered water you can drink during the dive (way different from the usual salt water).

However, 2°C water temperature demand for different equipment than we normally use – dry suit diving is required. *smiley worried*

After some theory in a text book and a trial lesson in a nearby indoor swimming pool, to ensure the suit fits (and does not leak in cold water), we were ready to go *smiley smiling*

Freezing cold despite the suits, but great views…

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i18n Internationalization and Translation for plugins

Until a few days ago, I would never have envisioned to write a posting about i18n in WordPress… And then I started the task to make my plugins ready for translation by the community at

i18n stands for internationalization = I + 18 charachters + N

While working my way through the principles and standards to use, I realized that there are quite some things you should consider and have to do in a certain way – let me touch some of them over a few posts…

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