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In a nutshell: Resize images on upload to defined maximum dimensions, saving space and bandwidth. Watermark images automatically upon upload or manually via Media Library (Professional extension).

th23 Upload – Intro video

This plugin provides easy admin access to define maximum width and height of uploaded images. Uploads exceeding these dimensions will be resized accordingly. Only the defined maximum size will be stored on the server. This way you will be able to save space and bandwidth on your webserver, while serving the pages faster to your visitors due to the reduced image size.

Watermark your precious images with the Professional extension, keeping track of them in the internet. New uploads can automatically be marked or you can add/remove watermarks via the Media Library. Unmarked copies of images are kept inaccessible to the public in case you want to restore it.


More details about the plugin capabilities:

  • Original aspect ration of uploaded images will be kept, preventing automatic cropping.
  • Optionally specify a suffix to be added to names of resized images, eg upload of too large image “test.jpg” will be stored as “test_resized.jpg”.
  • Set quality for resized images, allowing to save further space and bandwidth.

More details about the Professional extension:

  • Select image sizes to watermark, eg to exclude thumbnails.
  • Mass-add/-remove watermarks for already uploaded image attachments.
  • Chose location of the watermark on the image and maximum width/height to cover.

Note: Only handles JPG / JPEG images, as PNG (transparency) and GIF (animation) could loose their features upon resizing.


Get the Professional extension including free updates for one year

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If you are interested in trying out the Professional extension, write a review for the plugin and in return get a year long license including updates, please register as a user and contact me. First come, first serve – limited opportunity for the first 10 people!


Try the Basic version for free, enhance user experience serving more suitable image sizes and reducing storage space and bandwidth of your server

Downloads: 3.175
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Minimum WordPress version required: 4.2
Tested up to WordPress version: 5.4


Find some tutorial videos about installation and configuration of the plugin and the Professional extension on the FAQ and Support page.

For support and feedback, please visit the FAQ and Support page or visit the support section on

For more information about enhancements and fixes, please see the Change Log.

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