Relaxing and defrosting in San Pedro de Atacama

Yes, we really needed some time to defrost after the Salar and the Lagunas in Bolivia … So we took a day just to relax, to blog and so on in San Pedro de Atacama (Chile).

The village of San Pedro is small (less than 5000 inhabitants), but is has one of the oldest churches in Chile

And yes, we also went into the Valle de la Luna and surroundings, really stunning landscapes! Just watch yourselves (however, it’s even more beautiful in reality…*smiley winking*.

After this nice experience in the north of Chile we went to Antofagasta, got stranded there on the new bus terminal in the middle of nowhere… The bad thing was that the restaurant there was not opened yet and the only thing to eat from the snack bar were not really world class hotdogs and chips (potato chips, not french fries). No shop, no nothing around… So I “enjoyed” two hotdogs and Thorsten ate the first time in his life chips not because he wanted to eat chips, but because he was hungry…

The 20hour bus (after the 4 hour bus to Antofagasta) to Santiago was a luxury bus – we took the best class possible where we could transform our seat into a kind of bed – 180 degree

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