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th23 User Management – Change Log


  • [Enhancement – Basic] Option to ask for approval of terms & conditions before registering as new user eg to comply with new data privacy law – option working as a “shared” admin option to specify title/link to legal information page once across all th23 plugins and themes
  • [Enhancement – Basic/Pro] Enable smooth integration with th23 Subscribe plugin, th23 Social plugin, th23 Travel theme and th23 Thorsten theme – via introduction of various filter, hooks and checks
  • [Enhancement – Basic] Show dates for user “registered”, “last login” and “last visit” as columns in admin user list
  • [Enhancement – Basic/Pro] Allow for better theming eg input fields including label and placeholders, removing fixed spacings as separators, user management page title
  • [Enhancement – Basic/Pro] Added German translation for whole plugin
  • [Fix – Basic] Ensure compatability with WooCommerce – lost password URL should be defined by this plugin
  • [Fix – Basic/Pro] Some spelling mistakes


  • [Enhancement/Fix – Basic/PRO] Prepare for translations via repository and tools – use “th23-user-management” as Text Domain in plugin header, replace $this->plugin in translation functions with hardcoded “th23-user-management” string, include “/lang” as Domain Path in plugin header, adjust load_plugin_textdomain function call accordingly and optimize language strings with fewer tags and added translator comments
  • [Enhancement – PRO only] Optimize user notification mail after admin approval ie simplify structure, add personalized password reset link
  • [Enhancement – PRO only] Improve tooltip for Captcha explanation, removing link and only use spans for better handling on mobile devices
  • [Enhancement – Basic/PRO] Add version number handling to script and style loading, ensuring loading latest version in browsers
  • [Enhancement – Basic/PRO] Adapt support URLs to new structure on
  • [Enhancement – Basic/PRO] Add classes to each link in the widget, to enable specific styling if required
  • [Enhancement – Basic/PRO] Better structure plugin related links on plugin overview page in admin area
  • [Fix – PRO only] Properly handle pre-filling mail/ name field after submitting password reset request
  • [Fix – PRO only] Include jQuery JS into dependency upon including password strength meter
  • [Change – PRO only] Admin triggered change of mail address does not require user confirm, but only triggers notification to old and new mail address
  • [Enhancement – PRO only] Optimize sending password reset message upon changes done via admin area
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Corrected spelling of “registered” in some occurances
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Ensure proper handling of “redirect_to” parameter after login
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Exclude user management page from search results
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Prevent “jumping” settings fields upon opening sub-settings
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Harmonize classes for “omsg” and “message” across th23 plugins, for easier styling via theme
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Replace usage of deprecated function “get_currentuserinfo” with “wp_get_current_user”



  • [Enhancement – Basic/PRO] Change overlay message approach – updated CSS, less JS, more depending on (themable) class styling
  • [Enhancement/Fix – PRO only] Adjust handling of user creation, password and e-mail changes to process in WP 4.3 and later – esp proper user information upon changes triggered by administrator
  • [Enhancement- Basic/PRO] Use “placeholder” tag instead of description and “br” in widget
  • [Fix – PRO only] Add redirect after password change, to ensure user can log in again directly
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Remove unnecessary line breaks at the end of mail messages
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Adapt admin settings page header and plugin notice to changed admin CSS in WP 4.3



  • [Enhancement] Changed class handling / constructors to php5+ style (__construct) for compliance with WordPress standards
  • [Enhancement] Added danish translation – thanks to Rasmus



  • [Enhancement] Adapted widget HTML to take up CSS styling from current theme in more cases easily – added “widget_meta” class
  • [Fix] Fixed encoding and user login value bug on links send by mail for some language/ plugin/ theme combinations
  • [Fix] Fixed small spelling errors “profil” and inconsistencies in spelling “login”, “registration”, …
  • [Fix] Ensure admin panel preserves settings, when Professional version is disabled


v2.0.0 (public release)

  • [Enhancement] Renaming from previously “th23 Frontent User Management”
  • [Enhancement] Complete rebuild of plugin structure, including transfer into class
  • [Enhancement] Leverage action and filter hooks to plugin professional parts, avoiding code duplication
  • [Enhancement] Add option for user choosen passwords – including e-mail validation and re-validation after change of e-mail address
  • [Enhancement] Add option for admin approval of new registrations – inlcuding option to send mail notification on new registrations requiring approval
  • [Enhancement] Add backend functionality to manage “Pending” users (approve/ delete)
  • [Enhancement] Validation and approval trackable via user meta data entries – for now only visible directly in DB
  • [Enhancement] Add optional question / text field to be submitted upon registration (e.g. “Where did you find out about this website?”, “I talked to your friend and she recommended it!”*smiley winking* as basis for admin to approve / reject new user registrations
  • [Enhancement] Reverse option to allow usage of wp-login.php – if allowed, users might work their way around additional options like mail validation, captcha or user approval by admin
  • [Enhancement] Upgrade to latest reCaptcha version – API v2
  • [Enhancement] Show more desciptive title for pages, e.g. “Login”, “Your Profile”, … instead of “User Management”
  • [Enhancement] Add “Logout of all other sessions” function on user management page
  • [Fix] Fixed proper removal of page upon deactivation (required remove_action from post deletion hook to be successful)
  • [Fix] Removed security through obscurity from “user_login” field upon registration to ensure password strength indicator works correctly
  • [Fix] Prevent usage of “&” in user e-mail – as it causes issues upon storage, already in standard WordPress installation



  • [Enhancement] Add nonce check to all forms – prevent automated attacks
  • [Enhancement] Remove “dashboard” option for admin bar – since WP 3.3 adminbar on admin area is a must show
  • [Enhancement] Add password strength indicator
  • [Enhancement] reCAPTCHA implementation upon registration, lostpassword and (after x failed) login attempts
  • [Enhancement] Change of email address via profile requires confirmation
  • [Fix] Generate new activation key every time user is requesting a password reset



  • [Enhancement] Simple Local Avatar plugin integration for professional version
  • [Enhancement] th23 Subscribe plugin intrgration for professional version


v1.2.0 (semi-public release)

  • [Enhancement] Introduce PLUGIN_SUPPORT_URL


v1.0.0 (non-public release)

  • n/a

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