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th23 Subscribe – Change Log


  • [enhancement, Basic/Pro] – major update for plugin settings area, easy upload of Professional extension files via plugin settings, adding screen options, adding unit descriptions, simplified display (hide/show examples), improved error logging
  • [enhancement, Basic/Pro] – remove outdated style using PNG images, moving style control to theme
  • [enhancement, Basic/Pro] – optimize parameter gathering upon loading plugin
  • [fix, Pro] – deletion of unconfirmed visitors not working properly
  • [fix, Basic/Pro] – change deprecated widget loading approach
  • [fix, Basic/Pro] – various small fixes for style, wording, etc


  • [enhancement] switch to Google reCaptcha v2 instead of v3 due to better performance against spam
  • [enhancement] add functionality to delete visitors which do not confirm their mail address after a specified time automatically
  • [fix] assign comments done by a user who selected to sign up as a visitor to the newly created visitor / user ID

v3.0.0 (first public release)

  • [enhancement] caching of content prepared for sending within notification
  • [enhancement] better link validation
  • [enhancement] ability to subscribe as visitor without registration (Pro)
  • [enhancement] switch to new admin settings page
  • [fix] various bugfixes

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