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In a nutshell: Styled user management for login, register, user profile, etc with optionally enabling user chosen passwords, e-mail validation, admin approval, reCaptcha and more…

This plugin allows all user management activities like login, user profile, register, lost password, etc. to be done via the themed frontend of your website. Access for user groups to unstyled admin area can be restricted and wp-login.php can be disabled. Users will only see the nicely styled side of your page *smiley smiling*

The plugin is very flexible, allowing for further modifications and extensions to hook into, displaying further user management activities on the frontend of your website.

Additional options to enhance user experience further are available as a Professional extension of this plugin and include:

  • All user management actions available on frontend styled according to theme – including profile changes, lost password, reset password
  • Access to the unstyled admin area can be restricted based on user groups – wp-login.php can be disabled completely
  • User chosen password upon registration option available – including initial e-mail validation
  • Admin approval for new users option available – before user can login
  • Use reCaptcha against spam and bots upon registration, lost password and login – after specified amount of unsuccessful attempts
  • Introduction of e-mail re-validation upon changes of address

Get the Professional extension including free updates for one year

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Try the Basic version for free and move the most important user management actions to the frontend of your site, e.g. registration, login, viewing your profile

Downloads: 14.785
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In case you want to see the plugin in action, look in the sidebar of this website.

Minimum WordPress version required: 4.2.0
Tested up to WordPress version: 5.2.0

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For more information about enhancements and fixes, please see the Change Log.

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