i18n load_plugin_textdomain best used the simple way

This an easy and short one, but the documentation on WP.org for the load_plugin_textdomain function might lead you into the wrong direction, if you start thinking about how to define the 2nd and 3rd parameter.

For a simple plugin, it is best to use the translate.wordpress.org repository for translations. This way the different strings can be translated individually directly online and you do not need to worry about having the right .po and .mo files updated within your plugins repository.

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i18n Internationalization and Translation for plugins

Until a few days ago, I would never have envisioned to write a posting about i18n in WordPress… And then I started the task to make my plugins ready for translation by the community at translate.wordpress.org.

i18n stands for internationalization = I + 18 charachters + N

While working my way through the principles and standards to use, I realized that there are quite some things you should consider and have to do in a certain way – let me touch some of them over a few posts…

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th23 User Management – version 2.2.0 update

An enhanced version of the th23 User Management plugin for WordPress has been released – with the following updates:

  • [Enhancement – Basic/PRO] Change overlay message approach – updated CSS, less JS, more depending on (themable) class styling
  • [Enhancement/Fix – PRO only] Adjust handling of user creation, password and e-mail changes to process in WP 4.3 and later – esp proper user information upon changes triggered by administrator
  • [Enhancement- Basic/PRO] Use “placeholder” tag instead of description and “br” in widget
  • [Fix – PRO only] Add redirect after password change, to ensure user can log in again directly
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Remove unnecessary line breaks at the end of mail messages
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Adapt admin settings page header and plugin notice to changed admin CSS in WP 4.3

Updates for the Basic and Professional version of the plugin are available on the plugin page

Time for a Change

You might notice some differences visiting our page this time… We upgraded the layout and brought it up to speed with latest web technology *smiley cool*

Enjoy reading our site on your computer, mobile or any other type of device – the content, images and handling is now flexible to adapt to it!

Experience any issue? Please leave us a comment below…

th23 User Management – version 2.0.1 released

Just recently we released a brand new and totally re-written version of the th23 User Management plugin for WordPress!

This plugin allows all user management activities like login, user profile, register, lost password, etc. to be done via the themed frontend of your website. Access for user groups to unstyled admin area can be restricted and wp-login.php can be disabled. Users will only see the nicely styled side of your page *smiley smiling*

The plugin is in action for all user handling on this page – so you can see it in action in the sidebar…

Find all details, examples/ screenshots and the optional Professional extension on the plugin page

th23 Media Library Extensionth23 Media Library Extension

th23 Media Library Extension

While the WordPress Media Library out of the box already caters for all basic needs for managing media items (especially pictures) for your blog or website, there were some “gaps” I ran into when using it…out of this the th23 Media Library Extension plugin developed.

The th23 Media Library Extension plugin…

  • Adds a context link to Posts and Pages overview site for direct access to all attached media items
  • Provides advanced filter options in the Media Gallery to select media attached to a specific post
  • Allows to un-/re-attach media items to any Post or Page via a context menu in the Media Gallery overview

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WordPress and HostEurope

In general getting WordPress installed on webspace at HostEurope goes very smoothly – however using the automatic update function or sending notification mails to users caused some problems to me initially.

In order to get both thing to work properly, I put together a very tiny plugin called th23 HostEurope Fix – for use, just download it, extract the zip-file and upload the folder “th23-hosteurope-fix” into the plugin directory of your WordPress installation. Activate like any other plugin via the “Plugins” section in the WordPress admin area, and you are done.

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