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th23 Social – Change Log


  • [enhancement, Basic/Pro] enable Professional extension – providing additional functionality
  • [enhancement, Basic/Pro] major update for plugin settings area, easy upload of Professional extension files via plugin settings, adding screen options, adding unit descriptions, simplified display (hide/show examples), improved error logging
  • [enhancement, Basic/Pro] optimize parameter gathering upon loading plugin
  • [enhancement, Basic/Pro] enhanced security preventing direct call to plugin files
  • [fix, Basic/Pro] – various small fixes for style, wording, etc


  • [fix] Prevent auto-creation of own image size upon upload – this will be taken care of upon selection as social image
  • [fix] Remove call to deprecated PHP function “create_function” upon widget initialization


  • [enhancement] German translation
  • [fix] approach to include social bars now compatible with more themes (different hook allowing for more flexibility in theme file names supported)
  • [fix] current URL and connector determination now also works in edge-cases and is using the most simple form allowed
  • [fix] author fields only available / used for type “article” in OpenGraph / Facebook
  • [fix] add rel=”nofollow” to social links to avoid search engines indexing
  • [fix] only load JS files in admin when required
  • [fix] new WP default theme (2019) uses styling via “entry” instead of “hentry” class – catering now for both…
  • [fix] ensure proper building of links, preventing some mail programs / browsers otherwise breaking line and not recognize URL
  • [fix, PRO] ensure read more extension is really “raw” format and not HTML entity


  • [enhancement] Introduce default social image – as fallback option and for overview pages
  • [fix] do not insert social bars into search results (maybe truncated in the middle) or feeds (no proper CSS styling)
  • [fix] ensure white color on service background color on hover – didn’t get priority on some themes
  • [fix] add title attribute, picked up as modal title by Corp Thumbnail plugin

v0.1.3 (first public release)

  • n/a

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