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Provide your users the option to subscribe to new updates and get notified via mail. Make your subscribers curious about new posts published as well as responses to comments made and further comments on the same post.

You are in control of your data and those of your users. You do not rely on any social network algorythm to decide who of your users receives an information and will be able to contact your users and customers directly. And you neither rely on any external mailing list provider once you decide to move on.

Already convinced? Get the Professional extension! Or try our free basic version first.

Basic functionality

Out of the box th23 Subscribe offers you various options to make it smooth and easy for your users:

  • Subscribe option via customizable widget
  • Checkbox upon registration to subscribe for new posts
  • Checkbox in the comment form to subscribe for futher comments
  • Both checkboxes can be pre-selected (admin option)
  • Confirmation and feedback to users via unintrusive overlay messages you can style via CSS
  • Log file to keep track of subscription actions and mails (optional)
  • Notification mails sent in batches to avoid spamming / overloading your mail server
  • Easy configuration via plugin settings page in the admin area
  • Seamless integration with other plugins
  • Basic styling included, making it highly adaptable to fit locally used theme

Give your users an even better experience with our Professional extension…

Professional functionality

  • Personalized e-mails using the user name as an introduction
  • Subscriptions by visitors without registration as a user
  • Consent with terms and conditions upon subscription to support legal compliance
  • E-Mail confirmation of new visitor subscriptions to ensure valid address
  • Upgrade path for visitors to become a fully registered user with profile etc.
  • Handling password reset / registrations of users previously subscribing as a visitor
  • Seamless integration of extensive professional functionality with other plugins

Get the Professional extension including free updates for one year

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If you are interested in trying out the Professional extension, write a review for the plugin and in return get a year long license including updates, please register as a user and contact me. First come, first serve – limited opportunity for the first 10 people!


You can always try out the Basic version for free and allow registered users to subscribe to new posts and comments, to receive notifications via mail

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In case you want to see the plugin in action, look in the sidebar of this website or the coment sections.

Minimum WordPress version required: 4.2.0
Tested up to WordPress version: 5.4.0


For support and feedback, please visit the FAQ and Support page or visit the support section on

For more information about enhancements and fixes, please see the Change Log.

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