The South #3 – Canyon, glacier…and a car

Note: It has been quite a while…we are already back, left the tent behind and enjoy the memories. However for our dear followers we of course want to complete our Iceland adventure here *smiley smiling*

Leaving the Thankgil campsite behind, after a very nice and – thanks to the sun – warm breakfast, we made our way back to the ring road.

Our motor still protestet various times on the way, but we decided to worry about it, when it wouldn’t start at all anymore. If everything goes wrong, we just put up the tent next to the car and wait for “the guy” from the car rental to come and fix the issue *smiley winking*

Iris has seen some pictures on Pinterest when looking about destinations in Iceland, we want to visit – and the Fjadrargljufur canyon was one of them…

Simply an amazing piece of art – carved out by a river over thousands of years *smiley smiling*

And the best of it…

There are really no barriers, ropes, fences, etc that should keep stupid tourists away from the edge! Yes, you are simply responsible for your own steps – and you can survive by just being careful *smiley winking*

Of course the road to Laki (another possible destination we saw pictures of) was still closed – as so many other roads this season after a just ended winter (yes, it was JUNE)…

Not short of alternatives, we continued to Klaustur, one of the really small towns…villages…hmm, better “settlements around a gas station” in the South.

On an open field you can find some a path leading to some stones, the remnants of an ancient church floor!? Wait, really? Here, in the middle of nowhere? Right, it’s again a work of mother nature and the vulcanic activity of the past. Some stream of the lava flow just becamd hard like this…

Luckily this settlement had a mechanic shop, because our car was getting harder and harder to start. Unfortunately the diagnosis of the mechanic was not really convincing: “The theft protection”!?

Okay, lets continue as long as it goes…

Coming closer to Skaftafell, you can see all sorts of signs what power a volcanic erruption can have – especialy if it happens below a glacier and melts away the ice VERY fast:

At Skaftafell there is a really nice hiking opportunity that brings you up along the glacier, high above the ice and glacier lake – a perfect spot for really great pictures. If weather permits, that is…

During the hiking loop you pass by Svartifall an exceptional waterfall as it drops down over a ridge made out of black basalt columns. If you are then still up for an extension, you make it to some few traditional houses with very good insulation (not used anymore)…and imagine, until the 1980s this place was really remote: The ring road was not yet a full ring and to reach here you had to go all the way around the island!

As the car again had trouble starting up, we decided to stay the night at the camp site in Skaftafell – a really large camp ground, but a decent one for a night. But be prepared, that the wardens come around shortly before night time to check who still has to pay…but that is easily done, they carry the credit card machine around, so we could continue having dinner while paying *smiley smiling*

And for a closing: There are also some animals around here in Iceland – some of them really happy after we met them *smiley winking*

P.S.: Finally again a posting by Thorsten? Yes *smiley smiling* But rest assured, I have not been idle all the time – let’s say I was working “behind the scene” on the technical part of this blog. You will see the result soon!

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