Dahab – back to Egypt diving in the Red Sea

The unpleasant German winter weather brought us back to Dahab in Egypt. We planned to combine some excellent diving in the Red Sea with escaping the cold…and finally exploring another country in the Middle East.

Already end of last year we found once again a great deal for a direct flight from Düsseldorf to Sharm el Sheikh on SkyScanner*. For only 79 Euro per person and leg including luggage you can’t really complain about the early departure time too much *smiley winking*

Gaining few kilograms during the christmas period definitely ruined our “bikini figure”, but for diving some additional weights should be able to pull us under water for diving…

Shortly before our departure we had to learn about Bassem having to move his dive center Liquid Adventures to a new location. A little downside, because the Acacia Hotel* where we stayed already the last few years, is located in a quiet area, has nice sea view and a pool with palm trees – and the great dive center attached *smiley sad*

However, booked is booked and the new (interim) location of the dive center is just a few meters further down the beach. Let’s go…

Spending your vacation in Dahab, you can easily save 25 USD per person upon entering Egypt. Just ignore the “visa vendors” of the travel agencies in the arrival hall and head directly to the passport control booths further down with your immigration card filled out. Most likely you will directly get a “Sinai only” entry stamp allowing you up to 14 days visiting the peninsula. Otherwise mentioning “Sinai only” to the immigration officers should do the trick!

Despite being hit by a small cold weather front with wind, January in Dahab you can still sit comfortably outside in the evenings wearing a jacket and enjoying life *smiley cool*

Our first dives with Amy were excellent *smiley like* – good visibility under water and many kinds of fish, so we hopefully were able to take many pictures with our underwater camera* that you will like!?

As always everything was perfectly prepared by Jack, Ismail and the rest of the Liquid Adventures team. Unfortunately we had to acknowledge, that we better wait a couple of more days for Iris getting completely rid of her cold, so she has less trouble equalizing…

Luckily we anyhow had planned to travel to Jordan for a few days this time and spontaneously decided doing so right now in the beginning of our vacation – more about Jordan in our next post!

Interested in more of our dive adventures? Served ice cold in Silfra, Island between the continental plates or with many close-ups of fish on Mabul and Sipadan, Malaysia.

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  1. Hi divers,
    I am still impressed of those pictures – and a bit sad that I could not share this experiance at Great Barrier! Go on and be careful!

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