Reykjavik – Defrosting in THE Icelandic city

After our ice-cold dive in glacial water between the continental plates, it was time to defrost.

We decided for a small detour to a hot-pool before heading to Reykjavik. We were looking for something local, very well hidden, that we can have for ourselves  *smiley winking*

Luckily we got a hint and a description of the way to the “Schafswanne”. Approximately 40°C warm water directly flowing out of a small hill into a pond at a very small shelter…what a treat *smiley smiling*

On the route to Reykjavik we passed by once more Silfra and Thingvellir, the spot of our dive adventure the day before. We took the opportunity to explore the surroundings being warmed up and in proper clothing.

As the capital of Iceland – and the only “normal” sized city on the island – we experienced Reykjavik as a very relaxed town, where the locals try to do things different and you can see a lot of creativity making ordinary things somehow special *smiley cool*

Hard to describe, better see for yourself…

Of course, city-cat Iris became friends with another city-cat

And on the way through the city, we found “our” respective signs

That was our 2015 outdoor camping adventure in Iceland!

In a nutshell: Rough, but beautiful – we will be back… *smiley smiling*

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