Ugly La Paz

No, we did not like it. It’s the first city we really didn’t like. Why is difficult to describe, it was probably the atmosphere. It’s dirty, there are many very poor people, it’s exhausting (La Paz is on 3600m), the car’s and busses exhaust emission was enormous and really breathtaking…

There are some nice views, however.

La Paz is also a bit obscure, you can buy anything, even dried lama and alpaca fetus in order to bury it in the earth before building a house – sacrisfy to Mother Earth (as important as Christianity)

The good thing about La Paz: it has some good Gourmettemples and they are cheap for European Standards (20 Euro for both of us inkluding drinks, desserts….)

Well, we organized everything for the jungle and the pampas and went there already the next day…

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