th23 User Management – version 2.2.0 update

An enhanced version of the th23 User Management plugin for WordPress has been released – with the following updates:

  • [Enhancement – Basic/PRO] Change overlay message approach – updated CSS, less JS, more depending on (themable) class styling
  • [Enhancement/Fix – PRO only] Adjust handling of user creation, password and e-mail changes to process in WP 4.3 and later – esp proper user information upon changes triggered by administrator
  • [Enhancement- Basic/PRO] Use “placeholder” tag instead of description and “br” in widget
  • [Fix – PRO only] Add redirect after password change, to ensure user can log in again directly
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Remove unnecessary line breaks at the end of mail messages
  • [Fix – Basic/PRO] Adapt admin settings page header and plugin notice to changed admin CSS in WP 4.3

Updates for the Basic and Professional version of the plugin are available on the plugin page