Stranded in Nazca

Where is Nazca? And why “stranded”?

Well, first of all Nazca is in the desert – miles and miles of sand, nothing else around!

Second reason, there was no seats in the bus available the day we wanted to continue…and as taking the night bus was not recommended, we decided to stay one day longer in Nazca.

So we ended up in a desert city having a lot more time than planned…

Nazca lines – huge messages from the past

Well, first of all Iris discovered, that Nazca is famous for something else, than the ancient lines in the dessert…guess what?

And after a nice brunch in the sun, we catched our flight over the famous Nazca lines. Some small history lesson: Well, it’s not really known who produced the line and why…just imagine a ancient civilization producing pictures in the sand, they could not even see themselves, unless they knew how to fly – which is more unlikely. However they produced various surprisingly perfect pictures, symbols and lines in the sand, so lets just see their masterpieces…

Well after all, Iris was feeling much better being back on the solid ground – and she decided, that we will rather use the spare day tomorrow relaxing, instead of flying over the similarly stunning Palpa lines some kilometres away *smiley winking*

Sand dunes – according to locals the highest in the world

You can go sand-boarding on this dune, but due to a well known “incident” we actually did not go for it *smiley winking* So all we did for sight-seeing are this pictures from the distance…

Relaxing – any words required to explain?

Fazit: After all, the famous lines are a real highlight in Nazca – in case you go there, just fly over them, an take the next night bus out of town…there is nothing else worth staying longer *smiley smiling*

Our way to Arequipa – taking a bus at daylight

Ohh, I nearly forgot to bring up another highlight of our stop in Nazca…the way from Nazca to Arequipa on a bus at daylight.

Nevertheless we arrived in Arequipa… *smiley winking*

Cheers from a nice garden setting back in Arequipa – after being back from 3 day trekking in the Colca Canyon

P.S.: No, we have not forgotten to travel through Lima on our way south…but just are a little bit behind with writing the blog

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