Last, but not least…Hong Kong, once again ;-)

After the extensive wedding celebration week in Melbourne it was finally time to leave Australia behind and head on to Hong Kong to meet old friends and indulge in some nice last-minute x-mas shopping rush

Our way from Melbourne to Sydney was a bit different than planned – all I say here: NEVER fly Tiger Airways, unless you wanna end up on a plane that gets cancelled without notice – but this way we both got the new experience of buying a ticket for a plane that leaves in only an hour directly at the airport :lol:

Sadly enough, there was another last-minute change…and Pete (an old friend of Iris) had to leave early back to Germany so we missed him *smiley crying* Nevertheless our special thanks to Pete for the most luxurious accommodation throughout our 6 months journey *smiley surprised*

After having a good and loooooong sleep, we spent the whole day hunting after some last-minute x-mas presents and bargains for ourselves – Hong Kong seems to go mad these days with x-mas decoration and countdowns wherever you look *smiley surprised*

After soooo much shopping and walking, we decided we deserve a luxurious dinner at the Amuse Bouche restaurant

And that’s how fast 6 month travelling through 11 countries and once around the world passed by…

Would we do it again? Definitely YES!

Together? Well, if there is some more beach time in next time…just joking *smiley winking* We would *smiley laughing*

“Nach der Reise, ist vor der Reise!”

Thanks to all of you, who followed our steps over the past half year and maybe got some ideas for their own journeys – Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!

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