Great Ocean Road: Adelaide to Melbourne

After only few hours of something you might call sleep in our JetStar plane, we arrived about some thousand kilometre further down south in Adelaide.

As many other towns in Australia, Adelaide looks nothing special to us…no really historic places/houses and everything nicely laid out in an ordered grid system of streets. So what to do here ? Easy: Shopping, Relaxing and BBQ

Using the FREE public transport in the city center (it seems nobody would use it, if it’s not free) brought us once again to our “beloved” car rental people from Hertz *smiley annoyed* Surprisingly no difficulties with them at that stage…and off we go for our Great Ocean Road adventure

Day 1 lead us through the “world-famous” German settlement in Australia called Hahndorf – we couldn’t really figure out what makes everybody believe that’s how Germany is, but we can assure all of you it’s not the “German bread” we bought there already watering our mouths *smiley annoyed*

Day 2 “on THE road” began with some rain, but that couldn’t stop us at all!

While day 2 was much about just driving to get further…day 3 was making that more than up – decision on some of the hundreds of photos was MUCH more difficult than for day 2:

Following a tip from a nice iSite Lady the day before, we went for a small detour to Tower Hill – an ancient crater, nowadays a National Park site…and that was the first jackpot for today:

Downsides of that day:

But you can still spend hours by stopping every five minutes just to admire the incredible looking stone formations of the coast over and over again:

You guys already wonder, why Iris and me still get very well along? As we figured out that day, Iris is fan of the Koalas, while I would prefer the Kangaroos – so, not competition for the native animals around *LOL*

And finally for that day we could solve the mystery, why all that cars the last couple of days were driving on the “wrong” side of the street:

The final day 4 of our Great Ocean Road adventure brought us yet another time to each of our favourite wildlife: Kenneth River for Iris featuring Koalas and Kakadus and the Angelesa golf course (yes, no mistake, a golf course) with a full set of large Kangaroos for me

Next blog from me will then already be about our New Zealand – South Islands adventures…stay tuned for pictures from “The Lord of the Rings” land with rough and snow capped mountains, glaciers, rain forest, waterfalls and much more

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