Trujillo, PeruTrujillo, Peru

Tombs of a moche king in Lambayeque and Trujillo city center

After a looooooong bus ride to Peru and a stopover for one night in Piura we got off the bus at Lambayeque, a small town with a very good museum, showing excavations of a nearby moche king tomb including all the grave goods. It was discovered in 1987 – undisturbed (i.e. non of the exquisite gold items had been stolen) – a major archaeological sensation at this time. See some impressions of the oversize gold and turquoise earrings, necklaces, pottery, etc. of Senor de Sipan (the moche king):

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Vilcabamba, EcuadorVilcabamba, Ecuador

Vilcabamba – the valley of longevity or Iris & Caramello

After another bus ride with some nice bus accessories and people doing their moving with the bus…

… we arrived in Vilcabamba – in the valley of longevity – had our first beer and made new friends.

And yes, we booked a wellness temple! The first day was – of course – at the pool!

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Banos, EcuadorBanos, Ecuador


On the way to Banos, we passed the small town Pelileo!! No tourist sites, so what’s so special about it? IC Community! Don’t know? Fränky, you don’t know, you have Rumba, but the others…?? Think! Right, Pelileo is the home town of Victoria!

Banos itself is a very touristy city, both for Ecuadorian tourists and gringos. We took the first day easy to organize some things, e.g. doing our laundry and drink some fresh lemonade and juice…

In Banos, you can find everything…. pimped cars, Restaurants (run by colleagues??), not so well maintained bridges… (we were not sure if we should take it… but there were horse drops around – horses are heavier than we are… to keep it short, we made it and the bridge didn’t break!)

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Quilotoa Loop, EcuadorQuilotoa Loop, Ecuador

Quilotoa Loop


Yes, believe it or not – this question occurs even if you talk to fellow travellers around in Ecuador. It’s obviously not the standard destination, even though it is listed as one of the places to see for Ecuador.

Why it is not that touristy as other places? Easy to explain, if you just reference to the appropriate Lonely Planet section about transportation starting “No busses go all around the loop…” and closing with “Don’t worry – everyone’s confused.”

But that simply couldn’t scare us off!


“Base camp” for the start was easily set up in Latacunga. Anything special about it…? No! It is an easy going town on the Panamericana – South Americas blood stream and everything but touristy.

And it was here, that I had one of the most funny conversations with local people so far: Imagine you enter a bakery and wanna buy some bread… For sure your Spanish is bad, but well enough – at least pointing at pieces – to show what you want and the lady in the bakery manages English well enough to make sure how much it costs. The usual question where you are from and your standard answer “Aleman” is followed by a surprised smile from the bakery lady… “Aleman, Frankfurt, train station” – and she obviously has been there before, because she can describe – or better point out with her hands – how the roof of the train station looks like *smiley smiling*

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Cotopaxi, EcuadorCotopaxi, Ecuador

5000 m! (Cotopaxi)

Bis zum Gletscher des Cotopaxi (5897m) auf der Nordseite haben wir es geschafft. Ja, Gletscher auf der Nordseite, das ist der höhergelegene Gletscher (5000 m), wir sind schliesslich auf der Südhalbkugel! Für den Summit hätten wir Steigeisen und Pickel gebraucht… wir haben es uns aber verkniffen, schliesslich waren wir erst den 2. Tag wieder auf 3000m Höhe (vorher in Galapagos auf Meereshöhe) und auf 5000m ist die Luft dann doch etwas dünn und es war furchtbar stürmisch.

Aber der Reihe nach:
Nachdem uns der Bus Richtung Latacunga tatsächlich an der richtigen Abzweigung rausgelassen und Thorsten noch zwei Park Ranger aufgegabelt hatte, die sich für den Gegenwert eines Feierabendbierchens bereit erklärt hatten, für uns noch die letzten 2 km auf schlechter Strasse Taxi zu spielen, haben wir eine sehr gemütliche Unterkunft in der Cotopaxi-Region bezogen und gleich neue Freunde gefunden.

Am ersten Tag haben wir die Gegend mit dem Mountainbike unsicher gemacht. Strassen nicht geteert mit Hammer Löchern und Geröll – Berg auf und ab, der ein oder andere Weg, der im Nichts endet…

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