After quite some time without (fast enough) internet….to put a weeks visit into a single word: Fantastic!

Why is Galapagos “fantastic”? Well, it’s really hard to describe…but it’s less the number of species or individual animals that you will see, it’s more about your interaction with them – or at least their fearlessness.

Where else can you come closer than a meter to some birds, watching them, taking pictures and they don’t seem to feel the need to fly away. Instead they are observing you, as you are not the visitor but them.

Where else can you go snorkelling in the sea and sea lions are waiting to play with you – and seem to be anxious when you spend some time watching a sea turtle from only centimetres apart eating their lunch The sea lions fight to get back your attention by swimming only centimetres in front of your goggles…curiously looking outside in, who is behind the glass…

Where else do you find creatures that seem to come from and live in another world. Marine iguanas (lizards) living on lava fields that look like you are on Mars…a kind of pre-historic dragon, that obviously survived in this part of the world, now occupying a lot of rocks for sun-bathing and regulating its temperature.

Note: To see the next pictures you have to open the first one from the next posting and click “forward”…the take the next posting and so on – it is simply too many for one posting *smiley winking*

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